Modernizing S.K. Umbrella Mfg. Co.: A Digital Transformation

Client: S.K. Umbrella Mfg. Co.
Domain: Umbrella Manufacturer
Service Provided: Responsive Web Design using WordPress CMS

Company Overview

S.K. Umbrella Mfg. Co., a pivotal player in umbrella manufacturing headquartered in Mumbai, India, embarked on a digital metamorphosis.

Project Strategic Objectives:

Their pursuits encompassed a harmonious merger of recent rebranding initiatives, synchronizing the online platform with their offline stature.
Strengthening SEO strategies was paramount, poised to fuel their future growth trajectory.
Additionally, a responsive contact form was vital, culminating in a fully responsive WordPress CMS-driven website to facilitate effortless management.
Craft a fully responsive website backed by WordPress CMS for easy management

Client-Centric Focus:

In response to sluggish site speeds and an antiquated format, the emphasis was on birthing a swift, responsive website that impeccably showcased their extensive product catalog.

Design Ethos:

Embracing a minimalist ethos, the web design exuded pristine aesthetics and rapid loading times. Adhering meticulously to the client's brand guidelines, each facet, from logo to color scheme, menu, and buttons, was meticulously curated. Moreover, an integrated responsive contact form seamlessly complemented their digital space.

Unified Innovation:

The culmination of our efforts birthed dedicated pages for every product category, accentuated by a prominent "Tello" brand promotion button gracing the header. Our team's touch extended to the design of the header logo, a testament to our dedication in harmonizing their digital identity.



The collaboration with S.K. Umbrella Mfg. Co. resulted in a seamless digital metamorphosis, synchronizing their online and offline presence post-rebranding. Elevated SEO strategies empowered their growth trajectory, while a swift, responsive website showcased their extensive catalog. The minimalist design ethos and integrated responsive features fostered a pristine user experience, culminating in dedicated pages for each product category and a prominent brand promotion button, solidifying their digital identity.