Konark Developers: Redefining Real Estate Online – A Seamless Blend of Innovation and User Engagement

- Client: Konark Developers
- Industry: Real Estate Development
- Service Rendered: Responsive Web Design using WordPress CMS

Company Profile

Konark Developers, headquartered in Mumbai, India, holds a distinguished position as an innovative force in the real estate sector.

Project Objectives

Alignment: Harmonize the new website with recent rebranding efforts for a unified online and offline presence.
SEO Enhancement: Elevate search engine visibility to propel future growth.
Functionality: Implement a responsive contact form with social media and WhatsApp integration.
Ease of Management: Develop a fully responsive WordPress CMS-driven platform for effortless administration.

Client Requirements

Konark Developers aimed for a swift, responsive website amid escalating digital competition. They sought a platform to centralize information and documents, ensuring easy access for their clientele.

This web design project was driven by a deliberate mise-en-place-like content strategy, with a dash of fresh vibes and a heavy pour of information architecture.

Approach & Strategy

We designed the visual elements as per the brand guidelines given by the client which included the logo, color palette, Menu and buttons.

We also added a responsive contact for each ongoing project.

Design Style

Following client-provided brand guidelines, the design elements encompassed the logo, color palette, menu, and buttons. Each ongoing project was equipped with a responsive contact form for user engagement.

Integration & User Experience

The header's 'enquiry' button facilitated direct client contact. Individual landing pages for ongoing projects provided essential contact information and clear navigation for project-specific details. The updated customer experience mirrors a thoughtfully paired pilsner, while the utilization of a fully responsive WordPress CMS ensures real-time content updates.


The collaboration with Konark Developers culminated in a seamlessly unified online and offline brand presence, post recent rebranding efforts. Enhanced SEO strategies resulted in a significant boost in search engine visibility, paving the way for future growth. Implementation of a responsive contact form with social media and WhatsApp integration amplified user engagement. The deployment of a fully responsive WordPress CMS platform ensured effortless administration and real-time content updates, fostering an enriched user experience.

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