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Revolutionizing UX Design: Ashish Oza's Responsive Portfolio Using Wix

Client - Ashish Oza

Domain - UX Design

Service Rendered  - Responsive Web Design For Personal Portfolio


Client Background

Ashish Oza, co-founder and UX designer at The Digital Hype, sought to redefine online presence with a cutting-edge UX design portfolio.

Project Goals

Seamless Rebrand Integration: Align the website with recent rebranding efforts for a cohesive online-offline experience.
SEO Fortification: Strengthen SEO strategies to drive increased search engine visibility and future growth.
Interactive Communication: Develop a responsive contact form for seamless client interaction.
Effortless Management: Craft a fully responsive website for Ashish, utilizing the WIX CMS for simplified administration.


The collaboration with Ashish Oza yielded a cutting-edge UX design portfolio that seamlessly integrated recent rebranding efforts. Strengthened SEO strategies bolstered their online visibility and future growth prospects. The incorporation of a responsive contact form facilitated interactive client communication, all managed effortlessly through a fully responsive website under the WIX CMS, streamlining administration for Ashish.